Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Camelittle- Episode 2

As many of you know, last year I created (along with a few other talented students, Ryan Etter and Sarah Queen) an animated children's television show for my College's student run organization AVW, called Camelittle. After graduating I left it in the hands of some very young, yet capable students. I didn't expect anything too over the top from them, afterall AVW is supposed to be a learning place and Camelittle is the only animated show available, so I thought at best it would help some more willing students learn the ways to animate and run a animated TV show. Which was always the goal we had last year during Camelittle. However, I couldn't have been more wrong. When Tiara Brown (the new Director/ Producer) contacted me, telling me they had completed a 12 minute episode, I was in shock! If you know anything about animation, it takes a long, long time to animate, so 12 minutes is AMAZING. Then I watched the episode and I couldn't believe it. It was so so GREAT. I  was so thrilled with the quality of the animation, the artwork, the photoshop and the whole episode. All of it was at a SUPERB level.  What was even more of a joy to me is that they used a script that I had written for Camelittle before I had graduated. As a writer one of the hardest parts of watching something you've written is that it isn't what you imagined, or it wasn't told they way you wanted it to be. Well, again that is not the case in this instance! They animated/ directed it EXACTLY the way I imagined it, even better at times. The jokes were funny, the direction was fantastic, especially the jousting scene which I imagine was extremely difficult to animate. Overall, I cannot express how proud I am of all the students who worked on Camelittle, and made it as wonderful as it is. I never thought this little idea I had a few years ago would turn into what it is today. Thank you to everyone who works on the show and made it what it is, it couldn't have been done without you. I look forward to watching the future of Camelittle, and the talent of OU students to grow as the years continue. I cannot say enough how proud I am of everyone!

Here is the link to  the new episode, I recommend you all watch it :)

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