Thursday, June 30, 2011

Waka Waka

Well I have officially begun my internship at The Jim Henson Company! I am the Creative Affairs intern, which means I get to work with both the film and the children's television department. Most of the time I am reading scripts and then writing coverage. Coverage is basically a synopsis of the story and then my comments on what needed improvement. I also get to do odd and end jobs for my bosses that need done. Everyone is soooo nice here! People are allowed to bring their dogs to work, and underneath everyone's desk is a nerf gun, just in case a nerf gun war is about to start! 

A few days ago a company was using our soundstage to film a commercial, and the dog trainers for that commercial brought two newborn baby deer, because they couldn't be away from her for over three hours. My boss said we all had to go see for ourselves so the interns took a little trip to go see the baby deer, they were adorable! Also, today on set Randy Jackson was there recording something, so I got to see him, which was pretty cool.

I am one of four summer interns and they only female, but Sam Levy, another girl from Ohio University, is still here from spring quarter. All the boys are really nice and Sam is so amazing, I adore her. We all get along really well and I'm glad I get to work with such fun people.

I am so excited to continue working here and the relationships I will build. This has already been an amazing experience and I know it will lead to great things! I will try to keep you all updated as them come.

All my Love!

This is the outside to Jim Henson Studios. Our lot used to be Charlie Chaplin studios, so Kermit is dressed as Charlie's character, The Tramp!

This is right outside the building I work in! We call it BOB, which stands for Big Old Building :)

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