Saturday, June 25, 2011

Welp, here I am!

In the past month my my life has changed drastically! I am officially a college graduate (Woot Woot) and I have moved across the country to Los Angeles, California. Being the small town Ohioan that I am, I expect  it will take quite for me to adjust, however I couldn't be more excited! I begin work this Monday, June 27 at The Jim Henson Company. For all of you who aren't as obsessed with children's media as I am, Jim Henson has given us some of the greatest movies ever, The Muppet Movies!! I will be the Creative Affairs Intern there and I cannot say for sure what that all includes, but I will know after Monday. 

I have literally just arrived in my apartment a few hours ago and am settling in quite nicely! My room is a decent size and has a walk in closet, and a bathroom attached to it. I can definitely say it is the cleanest bathroom I have had in the past two years. I am still trying to scope out some furniture but most of that should be taken care of tomorrow. 

Within two hours of being in LA, I managed to make a fool out of myself (not surprising I know). I went to Target with my roommates to get some necessities, and we had to park in a parking garage attached to the store. In the garage were cart racks with carts in them and I said, "Oh my gosh, you have to get your carts out here, that is so weird!" almost immediately I realized that that wasn't where you got the carts but returned them. So to cover my mistake I said loudly, "We don't have that in Ohio." Hopefully no one in the garage staring at me was from Ohio, or cared about me being a dumb blonde.  

It is late and I am exhausted from just driving 36 hours the past three days so I think I will go to sleep! All my Love!

Here are some pictures from my graduation!

Photo Credit: Loren Cellentani

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