Saturday, July 16, 2011

Harry Potter and the Overly Emotional Fan

2011-Tonks and Voldemort!

Well, as many of you know this weekend was a very special weekend, especially for me. The last Harry Potter film was released last night at midnight, and I had the pleasure of viewing it. It was one of the greatest movies I have ever seen (Yes Dad, I know you think that I say that about every movie) but I'm being serious this time! It definitely did the book justice and left me in tears, not a very hard thing to do but still. 

I know many of you find my desire to see the midnight premiere of movies a bit odd, and even odder my need to dress up in a ridiculous costume for said showings! However, I think that even though you may find the purpose of my behaviors odd, the reason behind it is something I believe to be one of my greatest qualities, my passion. I find myself to be EXTREMELY passionate about a lot of things in my life, especially things that I have worked very hard at or have a deep love for. Harry Potter happens to be one of those things, and rightfully so. 

2010- Hedwig the Owl:)
Harry and I met when I was a wee little girl in 5th grade at Harrison Street Elementary, in Mrs. Hoge's class. One day Mrs. Hoge began reading from a book that she heard was really good; it was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Well I soon found out that there were two more books in the series and the fourth book was coming out in two summers. I read them all within two weeks and couldn't wait to read the fourth. I think when I began reading, my original excitement was the fact that I was turning eleven that next year, and as we all know you get your letter to Hogwarts when you turn eleven.

So I anxiously awaited my letter, of course I never got it, but we all know that was a mishap with the owlery. Owls are really not the safest way of communication. However, I continued to read the wonderful books that took me to another world. I think my parents first realized I had a problem when I insisted they drive me to Meijer at midnight to get the fourth book. I called ever Meijer to see which one would be putting it on the shelf exactly at midnight. Luckily, my parents indulged my obsession and we all went to get it at midnight. Ever since then I have been at ever midnight book releasing of Harry Potter and almost all of the midnight film premieres. When the movies first came out I was too little to go to the midnight premiere, but my parents were pretty cool and let me skip school on that Friday to see the first film.

2009-Luna and Hagrid
Harry has been with me for the past twelve years. I had him with me when I experienced Middle School, High School, and even College. He was a constant force in my life when I had a lot of changes and transitions going on, and that knowledge always comforted me. He stands for what is right and that you can conquer your fears if you believe in yourself and have the love and support of your family and friends. This all seems like a bad movie review, but I genuinely believe that those early years when I first read Harry Potter, led me to become the overly passionate woman I am today. Those books captured every part of my imagination and I jumped aboard the Hogwarts Express and never looked back. 

2011- Right in the Middle of the Action!
I realized that I did have so much passion, even for a small girl, that it felt so great to release my passion into something I loved. I began doing this with everything I felt passionate about, especially in High School with my music and acting. I then began College and found the right major for me in (surprise surprise) the entertainment industry. I began releasing my passion in my school projects and films, and I believe that shows in the work that I have done. I was also honored with 'The Directors Award of Excellence' this year, which I would like to think came from the fact that my professors saw how passionate I was about my work. 

So as I bring this rant to an end, just like the Harry Potter films were brought to an end this weekend, I think it is important to realize that these books and films really helped me realize how passionate I could be. And that passion has stuck with me and is now a part of who I am, and I am happy that it is because I definitely have a lot of fun with it :)
2007-On the Hogwarts Express, Waiting for the 7th Book!

2009-Luna, Hagrid and the Death Eaters!
2011-Tonks and her muggle boyfriend
I posted some pictures throughout this blog so you could see my "passion" at work  throughout the years :)

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